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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Struggles, like bubble gum-if we listen can be aids in teaching us a few things

A little lesson I have learned along my journey.
"There are no answers to some struggles. 
Sometimes the point is the struggle and the lessons we learn along the way." 

Struggles, can be much similar to bubble gum: a hard, large, undefined, blob of who knows what. Bubble gum, it's there-just to chew. Many times struggles feel much the same, just there to chew on. You aren't getting anywhere with the gum or the struggle itself in the process of chewing it no matter how long you do so. Maybe the time chewing, or stewing with your issue might be a distraction long enough for you to hear some truth and experience a breakthrough in your thinking whilst you chew. Or possibly while chewing or stewing on your issue it might help you pass time until a better moment in your life arrives. But neither the gum nor the struggle appear to have any real significance in the process. They are just there as tools.

So, what can bubble gum help teach us about struggles?

Possibly to help us realize to let go and just give life some time, and maybe even to learn to recognize which struggles are in our lives for what purpose. Struggles can be a road block that can appear when we fail to pause and address what inwardly we know we should be attending to in our lives. 

Definitely I have learned to not focus on the struggle...or the gum, but what you learn-the lessons.

"Sometimes the point is the struggle".  
And at the time, we don't care to hear that. 

Can you relate to a time when a struggle brought you insight and opened a new door in your life?

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Susan said...

I love this analogy with the bubble gum. I had never considered it as a "tool" so to speak but it certainly can be. I have to say that too often I fight struggles making things so much worse. I recently read a quote "Everything you fight fights you back." There's some truth in that for me. But I have come to learn that if I look at what upsets me or unnerves me I can often find a root issue that needs my attention. In this way struggles can teach me where the holes are in my nest and I can get to patching them. Thanks for the reminder.

NashvegasGal said...

Chewing bubble gum, working seemingly mindlessly in a garden, or whatever releases the mind to quieten so it may hear truth. Struggling, fighting ones self versus listening and the ease of just going straight for the root? Thank you so much for taking time to comment offering such clear perception.