"I believe connecting for human beings is not just important but imperative, and it is about more than similar interests. It is about what is alive at the center of our beings, about getting at the truest parts of one another.”

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

America at the crossroad...this is only a test!

Yes, this is only a test!

America is being asked to choose.
In the past living in America has meant we have free will both individually and collectively as a society.
Is that still important enough to us for us to fight for it?
Each generation has been asked this question.
Until now each generation has chosen the hard task and persevered to victory.
Victory at a massive cost-yet sweet victory.

Leaving each past generation to pass down to the next generation a legacy of hope.
SO, what will it be?
I think the biggest issue when asked this question is that people are so deceived they do not realize they have become captive slaves. How better to keep down a revolt from prisoners than to never let them realize they are in chains and shackles.
While we are lulled to sleep the shackles are eased upon society.

America is in deed at its crossroad.
What will we choose?
Will America continue to stand??

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What is at the heart of America's current turmoil


What is at the heart of the turmoil in America today?
What is continuing to drive this frenzy of activity?
Let's see what has grasp our attention and why?

Many citizens are highly concerned with and point to our biggest issues as political agendas across the aisles of Senate and Congress, how to pay for healthcare for individuals and families, as well as jobs and the economy. 
The most important issue taking place in America today is not about political partisanship, healthcare, and it is not about the economy.
For the first time in the history of this country we have a president seated in office whom a majority of the people of this country do not trust has America's best interest at heart. We doubt the loyalty of our own president. Many people have taken this thought to the end where they would accuse this president of treason against her. 
Accusations have been placed.  Whether true or not as good citizens it is right and just that we should conclude if these are so?
This complaint first began as legality of his right to run for president, referring to his citizenship was held in question.
Secondly, the fact that we are at war with Islamic extremists, and his religious affiliation has been questioned as to whether he is at heart a Muslim.
Further, he speaks of equality of all people and does all he can to side with one ethnicity which has again prompted the widening of that divide which until this president took office was in a natural healing process.  Currently, even that ethnic group believes his heart to be disingenuous and cannot trust his words or motives.
This is a person who speaks of being a Christian.
However, the  truth of who he is and his agenda is unveiled in his actions or lack of them in key moments. 
In reality it takes only one such action in order to see his heart.
He attempts to take from the wealthy and give to the poor, his idea of wealth distribution, much an archtypical Robin Hood,  (Robyn Hode) as known in British folklore.

On this point I must thank Mr Obama for shaking me from my slumber of that misdirected childhood fantasy of holding such a character in high esteem. 
In Christian belief such a person should not be held in esteem but realized for the thief he in deed was. 
No place in biblical history do I recall Jesus or his followers taking from the wealthy and giving to the poor. Benevolence has always been a gift offered from one individual to another both by definition and account. 
This being so then would make both Robin Hood and Mr Obama nothing less than deceivers, thieves, and renegades, both due a day in court and owing to the law and the people recourse.
Putting this point to rest here we need go any further in discussion what is due this president, and what is due from this president to America-a complete redress.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Unveiling of Who We Are and the Mystery of Relating

As a society, as individuals we have moved all but totally away from intentional conversation and  depth that allows and brings a knowing of one another, that forges true relationship.

What value is true relationship anyways?
Why bother?

What is it that would cause us to pause and take notice of this thing called-true or valued relationship?
What lends a relationship value?

I can't answer these questions for you-or maybe these questions are not the point.
Maybe the issue here is not that I can't answer the question, but that I can't make you understand there is a question to begin with.

If you find this topic of interest which I am guessing you must or you would not be here, then follow along with me and my thinking and let's see just where this may lead us.

For myself, I value connection and maybe you do as well. But not this connection we talk about that comes about by social media. I value a connection that is attained at a depth of relationship that cannot be achieved in a momentary message across computer or phone screen.

There is a point, a place inside of each of us that is where we live. Stop right now this moment and think of this. Where are "you" at this moment? If your body were not here in this earth where would your conscience thoughts exist? There is a part of you that is eternal, that exists beyond this mortal body and that part is who you really are. This body seeks to hide that you. And guess what-we, you and I allow it to do just that.

Our bodies are not who we are. Our spirit, our mind conceptually-our excepted truths that sink down into our hearts, our wills, our emotions, our personalities-these make up who we are. And this is who lives beneath the flesh which covers it seeking to hide the mystery of "Us" and why we require relationship.

Before connection and relating can be discussed and grasped we must understand the ideal of our self and what and who we are. Without owning this truth there is no point of understanding relationship.

Thus, we have reached the issues at hand.
1)We do not know who we are.
2)We do not want others to know who we are-better yet who we feel we are not, our wrongly perceived sense of lack

In essence "we" are in hiding in these bodies. True, deep and meaningful conversations would allow "us" to squeak past the jail cell of these bodies and slip out into the light for all to see. That is a horrifying idea for many, for most these days. Thus society is enjoying the option to connect via social media where corrections to what we allow to escape out of these bodies, the perception we allow out of who we are, can be checked, enhanced, and re-written before clicking the send button. Therefore, in essence  we can become in other's eyes...anyone we desire, anyone we are not!

What have we done? We have upgraded our plastic smiles which once we hid behind while in personal face-to-face conversations for glass or plasma screens. We not only are remaining in hiding, we have set up another barrier between ourselves and true, meaningful, necessary, loving, deep, life-giving relationships. And in doing so-we as well have dug deeper holes into which we must delve before locating our true selves.

If you have followed to this point we have now approached the reason behind this unveiling of what has taken place with our identities. Why is it worth knowing who we are? What is valuable about knowing ourselves and others? Simply this, we need one another. The real me needs the real you. As much as many want to do it all on there own, life was not designed for us to go it alone. I need you and you need me and we both need the next guy.

This world keeps yelling for truth and honesty. But that truth and honesty must begin with each of us knowing our true selves. We cannot give away something we do not posses. At our core we must be honest, we must locate what is real. There is a place inside of us that is not man-made-but creator made. We must live from that place. We must relate from that place. We must be willing to allow others to do the same.

What would this unveiling of you and me look like?
This type true relating at first is painful.
You will want to run back in behind your flesh and hide.
You will feel exposed and naked.
Feelings will try to rule your decision whether to move out into light or back into the shadows.
You may feel unsteady, unsure if what you are experiencing is what I have talked about because it "feels" so odd.
People you have known for years may not recognize the real you.
They may shy away.
They may rebel and want the other you to return.
If the old pretend you returned it would make their worlds make sense once again.
They will begin over time to see themselves in a different light because of the shift you have made.
They might not like what they see in themselves.
They many times think this is your fault, it is you that is causing this issue.
And they are right and wrong.
You are the flame that ignites a change.
But what they are perceiving is their own need to change.
The real you is calling to a place deep inside them where that real person dwells and is asking them to come out.

I cannot number for you the people who have pulled away from me deciding to remain in the shadows or even depths of the unknown, some my closest loves.

And thus the pain of knowing yourself. I have come to understand what one person attempted to relate in the statement, ignorance is bliss. But I do not choose to remain in ignorance, in that type of false bliss, to stifle growth and true life. Many will choose to remain behind. You cannot give them their identity. They must choose to come along. Choose to live in light. Choose to be unveiled and know who they are and to know others.

We have been so hidden, afraid, and alone.
At first we do so because we do not know the truth.
The truth has now been unveiled, the mystery is no more.
It is a matter of choice.

Light or darkness?

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Monday, March 17, 2014

One answer...

People expect someone, a person, a human being, a president, a doctor, a lawmaker, the list goes on-to possess a silver bullet that will make all of the pains of this world and its woes to go away.
I believe there is one answer to all the problems in the world.
I believe each person has to seek that answer out for themselves.
That can be a scary revelation for many. 
Truth is, we live in an, "I want it now society." 
It just doesn't work that way!

What if there are no permanent human fixes to the lingering BIG questions and issues of this world aside from-Christ?

What if humans have had it all wrong, all along and it was never meant to be an answer apart from-Christ?

The world continues to look at the problems versus the answer-Christ!

Christ is, a transfiguration.
The giving up of a life that does not work for the only one that does. 

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Heros are people with hearts awakened suddenly

DO YOU KNOW you were born to be someones hero? 
AND DO YOU KNOW that you are blessed so that you may be a blessing to others?
I have been dealing for the past several nights with a touch of a stomach malady. I awoke early again this a.m. So, I grabbed for my iPhone to check the time. Ugh, not quite 4:30 a.m., again. I was not going back to sleep anytime soon so I flipped through emails, then over to Facebook. I ran across a GodVine video post that I would probably not have seen if I had checked Facebook later in the day, "What One Hero Police Officer Does to Save a Man's Life is Jaw-Dropping".

As I view this video an overwhelming sense of gratitude washes over me as I think how our police officers and people in general step up in crisis. I browse the comments and realize that people see this as an amazing but infrequent act. This saddens me a bit. But then I am grateful once again as I realize that this means they have not had to personally experience such an incident in their own lives-such incidents always tends to bring reality into clearer focus.

Thank you Lord.
Thank you that you watch over us each day and we do not crash head on into the many drivers that zoom toward us in oncoming traffic. Thank you that cars remain in their own lanes. Thank you that our vehicles are reliable and do not fail us causing accidents. Thank you that statistically these accidents are few, although even one saddens us so. Help us to be mindful of your saving and provisional grace and that we are not continually seeing human carnage all about us. Because I know people are doing everything these days but keeping their minds on the road. And for being there when we humans make choices that end us in calamity and you show up. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord.

Why so overwhelming a sense of thankfulness?

Because I know...

At the age of 19 I was that person in a one car accident-at midnight, no other vehicles around, on a curving road, made that poor choice, took my eyes off the road ahead for a moment, my wheels left the right side pavement that dropped to a deep ditch, I overcompensated sending my car careening across the head on lane taking out a length of guardrail, and headed down an embankment. 

I recall how it appeared in that moment. The lights beaming across the huge boulders that had been placed there by the city, everything slowed waaaaay down. I had time to think of my family and what they would think when they received the call that I had been in a wreck-scared, hurt, and worried. Then I saw water. This was the reoccurring dream I had experienced from the age of 2. Now, here I was. I remembered I had always lived through that accident. Then I recalled hearing of wrecks and that people made it through more often when they relaxed. 
I heard, "RELAX"...and I did.

I was headed straight down and into the darkness, off the road, deep below street level. 
I thought, was this my dream once again?
I blinked my eyes, squenched my face, and shook my head.
No, not this time.
If I could only rewind a few seconds and have a do-over.
Not happening. 
I knew for a fact.
This was real.
I let go!
I was in His hands.

The next thing I recalled I was upside down, untangling myself from behind the steering wheel. This was 1977, and no one wore seat belts back then. My arm was trapped beneath the roof of the car. I was going no where fast.  What seemed like only moments and my friend who had been following me was down the embankment and by my side. He had been minutes behind me but had seen clouds of dust and knew my vehicle had left the road. 

Thank you again God, this time for dust, for boulders placed in just the right places to slow and stop my car from entering the water. You knew and planned ahead. If I had gone only a couple of feet further I might have drowned before anyone could have saved me.

I took a quick assessment. My car was still running. I smelled gasoline. Should I leave the engine running? Would it cause a spark to turn it off? I took the chance and turned the engine off. 

Next, did I have all my limbs? Anything broken? Was I able to move without pain? God had spared me great injury. 

People had gathered above on the edge of the road. I could see small, red, glowing lights and knew they were smoking. I called up to them and asked for them to put their cigarettes out carefully because there was gasoline all around me and I was stuck inside the car. I asked my friend if he could free my arm. He could not. I ask if he could get help to lift the car. He looked at me in shock. I called to the people above and asked if they would come and help me by lifting the car so I could free my arm. In seconds they were there. Is that amazing or what? These boys and men did not question for a second that they could free me. They were willing without giving it a second thought to risk their lives amidst the clouds of dust and vapors of gasoline all about the site. 

I recall it taking only moments for them to get into place. Then they all called out 1, 2, 3 lift. As they lifted I tried to free my arm. But it was not enough room. "Lord?!" Then I called to them, "can you lift a little higher?  Do you know what I was asking of these brave and sweet people?

You have to realize, this was a 1967 Pontiac Sport Rally. And I did not know at the time it was covered with boulders as well. But the car alone weighed an immense amount. I am not certain how many people climbed down off that hill that early a.m. to save me, but there amidst the groaning and moaning of backs and bodies being stretched beyond their limits they found it within them to raise that car an inch of so more, freeing my arm. Then I heard sighs of physical relief as I have not heard since. I took a breath and scampered with assistance out the window of the car. I was so thankful. 

The shock of what had occurred set in as I saw my car upside down with boulders sitting atop my recently filled, but now crushed gas tank. Yes, so thankful. I learned later that had I not just filled my gas tank it would have been more likely to have ignited from there having been more fumes than liquid in the tank when it was crushed. 

Thank you God for the little moments, for your timing in life, for pauses, for every second you cover us with your wisdom and whispers. 

And I kept thanking everyone who climbed down that hill that night. I was so grateful for those brave souls who risk their lives and health to free me. I wonder to this day if they might have harmed their own health to save me. 

Lord, if so-bless them beyond measure and heal them. And be there for them and their families every time they need help. 

Then things took action quickly. Some injuries were quite apparent. I had a compound fracture of my finger, it was literally hanging off my hand. I had crushed a couple other fingers and my arm, bashed my head and face in several places, banged and cut my leg and hip. I had to be carried up the hill by my friend. Of course others were asking what they could do to help. But off he went with me in his arms stumbling his way to the top of the 30+ foot embankment of nothing but boulders. 

Another young man who was in a Z-28 asked if we knew the way to the hospital. I wanted to go to Baptist which was across town of course, and he said follow him. He hit his emergency blinkers, and we were off.

There is much more to the story that I can share at another time. Of other heroes awaiting at the hospital, more kindness shown me. But I will pause here because the point has been made.

I was blessed that night. Since that night I have come to realize I was blessed before I was born as we all are. This is what the Bible will tell you. I am born again, so I rely on this blessing daily in my life.

As for heroes as I tell of here, as shown in the video clip about the police officer, they are all around us. They are you, and me, when we choose to step up in a crisis. Some are called by their job description to be heroes, others by incident. 

I ask that you begin to open yourself up to believing this is true. That people are good at heart. That our seemingly less than stellar behaviour at times is not what defines us. That we can and will answer life's call when we are asked in moments of great tragedy, or small but meaningful events to step up.

Be grateful daily for others. Grateful that you do not walk through this life alone. That someone has your back, even if you do not know who that someone might be, believe they will be there if necessary.

During these type incidents the people involved experience shock, awe, wonder, and inexplicably more. 
Senses are heightened and awareness is made keen.
They are seemingly transcended. 

What I am trying to say is this.That in any given moment of need...

Heroes can be you or me.
    Heroes are people with hearts awakened suddenly.
       Heroes experience the sense of being fully a-live!
               They experience...GLORY.

We experience a glimpse of who we were created to be all along.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

An early plea to all that they embrace the child-like joy of Santa this year

Don't you luv Santa? 

He lights up the hearts of children of all ages. 

What a blessing he is for the holidays and year round. 

Once people are delivered from the fear of usurping Jesus 

as Lord during Christmas they can really begin to enjoy 

Santa, giving, and just as important for many-learn how 

to receive well. 

He sits along with one of his elves on our front stoop 

welcoming guests to our home during the holidays.

Lesson here?


Make sure you have Jesus first in your life.

Then enjoy to the max the blessing of Santa in this world.

Shop 'til you drop if you may.

Giving is a blessing to this world and a gift we purchase for 


For this is the heart of Santa.

Isn't it the heart of Jesus as well?

Allow the spirit of Christmas to wash over you and then give 

it away.

Don't allow another person, the media, skeptics, or anyone 

to destroy this season of light, love, and whimsy for you and 

your family.


Love and Best Wishes for the Holidays and New Year from Chiming-N

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Struggles, like bubble gum-if we listen can be aids in teaching us a few things

A little lesson I have learned along my journey.
"There are no answers to some struggles. 
Sometimes the point is the struggle and the lessons we learn along the way." 

Struggles, can be much similar to bubble gum: a hard, large, undefined, blob of who knows what. Bubble gum, it's there-just to chew. Many times struggles feel much the same, just there to chew on. You aren't getting anywhere with the gum or the struggle itself in the process of chewing it no matter how long you do so. Maybe the time chewing, or stewing with your issue might be a distraction long enough for you to hear some truth and experience a breakthrough in your thinking whilst you chew. Or possibly while chewing or stewing on your issue it might help you pass time until a better moment in your life arrives. But neither the gum nor the struggle appear to have any real significance in the process. They are just there as tools.

So, what can bubble gum help teach us about struggles?

Possibly to help us realize to let go and just give life some time, and maybe even to learn to recognize which struggles are in our lives for what purpose. Struggles can be a road block that can appear when we fail to pause and address what inwardly we know we should be attending to in our lives. 

Definitely I have learned to not focus on the struggle...or the gum, but what you learn-the lessons.

"Sometimes the point is the struggle".  
And at the time, we don't care to hear that. 

Can you relate to a time when a struggle brought you insight and opened a new door in your life?

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

False expectations, disillusionment, and the blame game can be subtle enemies

 I could easily become unsettled by many things I read these days. Ideas being shoved at us from all arenas that give way to excuses for our problems. Yes, this fallen world impacts our lives. Yes, others in this world impact our lives. But truth is, more times than not-only to the degree we allow. It is more important how we deal with issues than the issues themselves. More important how we choose to think about those events or hurts we have encountered, than the event or hurt itself. People walk around so afraid of having an issue, becoming involved in another person's issues, that they create an issue by trying to avoid the original issue. Wow! 

I have found it to be so, that the very thing, person, or idea you need right now is probably what "you are pushing away". If that were not true, would you still be where you are-hurting, needing, wanting, and searching. 

People feel they have been abandoned, left adrift. Abandonment is not always what everyone else does to us. I find many times it is what we do to others, to ourselves, without realizing we are doing so, intent on living out a negative pattern, existing in a self-destructive mode. Doing so enables us to feel sorry for ourselves in a sublime way, giving reason to our poor choices and behaviors that say, "Look it was the other person all along. I'm okay." Not owning our weaknesses. Therefore, never really gaining the victory over the negative patterns in our lives. Destined to re-live them again and again. All the while falling back into a comfortable place, feeling good, believing we have won a great battle. 

Being real is much more. Being real says, "I am okay with who I am right now, who others are right now. We are imperfect in perfect ways, ways that assist in our growth-without blaming, without continuing hurting ourselves through denial. It is okay to not be okay for a time. However, it is not okay to cut away parts of our lives in order to make ourselves feel comfortable, to relax back into the familiar.
When we think incorrectly, have false expectations, we can easily become disillusioned with ourselves, life, and others. 

We are called to move out into unfamiliar areas of our lives and the world...to venture. With great adventures come great battles. That is to be expected. So, don't live under false expectations and not expect disappointment. It is our responsibility to choose to be alert, engaged, and fully equipped for those battles. We must choose to align our thinking properly, our relationships, our choices all so that we continue to grow as we were designed. 

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wrestling with change, stress, and others?

How many out there experience living with someone who is constantly under stress?
How often do you hear the sounds of expletive sighs of stress being exhausted.
How many of you understand why they are under such stress?
My observation is this: 
Most people are under stress when they are avoiding changing.
Change always begins in our thoughts. 
So, this must mean we possess some wrong or misaligned thoughts, right?

Ever attempted to help a person in this type situation? 

Not fun, huh?
Then, if we cannot help in these type situations, from where does this type help come?
Well, Christ came to do just this job. 
He came to deliver us from ourselves, by freeing us from wrong thoughts. 
...bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; 2 Corinthians 10:5

You might be asking, how does Christ do this?
Well, through our meditating (taking time away to speak with him, to listen for his voice, and his help), developing a relationship with him, and through his written word which is our life instruction book.

It is very true that we are our own worst enemies. How many have heard this before?
When we meet Christ, he delivers us from wrong thinking such as, "I can do it all", and "if I cannot then something is wrong with me."
This type thinking places us under a tremendous amount of stress to perform.
It also places a tremendous amount of stress upon all around any person under that stress.
One way this places stress on others around that person who needs to change is, it positions the person needing to change in a place where no one else can help them.
How so? Because with and unregenerate mind, what that person will hear in their head sounds like this, "they think I am stupid because I can't do this." 
Instead of, "here is someone who wants to assist me to do something they have more experience and success doing, and they want to bless me." Notice how relaxed that last statement makes you feel.

It is God who tells us who we really are, gives us our worth and value. With God we learn we were never created to know it all, to be able to do it all on our own. 
What a stress reliever that knowledge is to a burdened heart, soul...and body.
Come to Me... and I will cause you to rest.  Matthew11:28-30

I choose to change. 
I choose to let Christ show me where I need his healing touch.
I choose to allow Christ to show me wrong thoughts I have owned and allow him to change me. 
I choose to de-stress my life, allowing others around me to assist me so we all can live a more relaxed life together.

Could this be you as the character who needs to allow Christ to do a work in your thought life?
Guess what?
Truth is, it is all of us in different areas of our lives, at different times in our lives.

Let go. 
Give the struggle up. 
It is a losing battle anyway.
God made us to need his help, and then to need others to walk with us offering what they have received from Christ as well.

So, what do you think?
Are you ready?
I know you are...

Choose Life!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Child, Parent and Government Rights. Who's Giving, Who's Taking?


Parents and children require no further written law to describe their rights. Those are all God given unalienable rights understood in this country from the onset of our forefathers written documents when founding this great nation. Man's best attempts since that time has always screwed something up in a big way. Say NO to the UN Decleration of Children's Rights as well as the co-sponsored (link bottom of post) House and Senate bill on Parent's Rights.

Battle for Children's Rights? 
-an Illusion

Let's dispel this illusion, right now!

America already has laws on the books, and systems in place to protect children.
Yes, most definitely-let's do a better job with what tools we already have to assure healthy, happy, and well-cared for children.

However, let's not become distracted by how good a marketing job government is doing making it appear as if this Declaration of Children's Rights is about the child's benefit.

We all want what is best for children, especially parents.

The issue is not with what is being said in reference to caring for children.
The issue is stearnly set, the line has been drawn in the sand,  the stakes that are up for grabs is this:

who will have the decision-making power and say when it comes to what is best for your child!

The government is not giving anyone anything.
Let's be plain-they are taking.

We are not talking about parent's or children's rights when discussing the topic of the UN Declaration of Children's Rights, no matter how much they profess their intent.

Be clear, this is all about government's rights over the family unit, the parent and the child.

Separate the child from the parent, destroy the family unit and society has fallen.
The world will be at the mercy of government power and dictation.

Remember, "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world".

From a poem by William Ross Wallace that praises motherhood as the preeminent force for change in the world. 

Let's just say this:
Someone or entity,  consciously aware or not of the potential outcome, seeks to oust the mother and the parental unit of their authority and responsibility for decision-making when it comes to caring for their children.

A few people are grabbing for POWER!
It's a dirty ploy.

One thing is for certain, governments have not proven "successful" at one single endeavor in society.

Why would we willingly hand them our children?

When we as parents sit down-government steps up.

Parents, stand up now, invoke your authority, and speak out for children and your family.

Voice your stance on whether America should join with the UN on supporting this declaration that would assist in challenging parent's rights-not only in courts, but in family's everyday lives.

Do not be lulled to sleep by the promise of the Parental Rights Bill  

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

What? Practice being nice until you are! Why?

You can wear the mask of a Jester, pretending, rolling with your emotions, or . . .  

Pinocchio, you can become real.

Yes, I most definitely do have an issue when people tell others to practice being nice, and that this is a positive change for them. Being nice is not even a permanent possibility. It is a behavioral modification at best. Yes, it may be good for society when people are nice-when they practice being nice. However, for that individual nice is never going to save "them" when all hell breaks loose in their life, and they desperately need what only Jesus can afford them.  When they find themselves tested, crying, "will I make it, can I make it?"

No, I cannot give a person Jesus, no person can do that. I can however point out to them their need, and that they should assuredly have that relationship with him, and now. Do not wait for the desperate times that will come to every person's life-death of a child, sudden loss of all livelihood, horrid accident, tragedy of any kind that leaves one hanging on for dear life with no relief in sight. That moment of need can look so different on each individual. So, much so that others will not recognize it, or offer aid. Even if others ran to your aid they would be unable to touch the issue, much less relieve you. Believe me there can be a hell on earth that does look just like that for each person.
If a person cannot give you Jesus, then how would he be found? 
Ask Jesus to find you. That's all he wants and is waiting for, an invitation.
The many people who I see each day telling people to practice being good, nice...must not as yet have experienced their own crucible. 
It is out there, waiting.

Get a jump on them.
Be ready!
Get to know Jesus. 

Guess what other amazing thing happens when you get to know Jesus?
You realize nice has always been a poor step-child to being kind, which is the real deal and a gift of the spirit when in relationship with him.

The way of people-the way of Jesus
Man created-God created
Pretend -Real

Your choice!
Are you ready to trade that old wooden heart for a real one?

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