"I believe connecting for human beings is not just important but imperative, and it is about more than similar interests. It is about what is alive at the center of our beings, about getting at the truest parts of one another.”

Monday, November 25, 2013

Embrace the child-like joy of Santa

Don't you love Santa? 

He lights up the hearts of children of all ages. 
What a joy he offers for the holidays and year round. 
Once people are delivered from the fear of usurping Jesus at Christmastime they can really begin to enjoy 

Christmas is a time God gave to us for joy, and a time he has used to teach us how to give and to receive.

I look forward all year to welcome the Christmas season by decorating for the holidays.
This is one way I express my love for family and friends. Decorating is a personal gift I offer to each of them. I can hardly wait for the time to pull out our Santa and sit him along with one of his elves on our front stoop 

There by our front door Santa waits to welcome guests to our home during the holidays.
What joy we are offered each wintery holiday season as Santa arrives on the scene.

Yes there is a lesson here?

Make sure we have Jesus first in our lives.
Then enjoy to the fullest gift of Santa to this world.

So, go ahead, shop until you drop if you will.
Giving a well thought gift is an expression of our love for those we hold dear.
With each gift given we ignite a small light in this weary and often dark world.
The act of giving to others is a gift we give to our own hearts as well.
Giving is at the very heart of God, so why would we question the goodness of Santa?

Doesn’t the spirit of Santa express God’s heart for us as well?
Receive and drink in the spirit of Christmas allowing it to wash over you, and then give it away.

Don't allow the skeptics to steal Santa’s offering of joyful whimsy for you and your family during this season of light.


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Monday, March 11, 2013

Goodness is good when it points us to its author

Nice is killing society  . . . 

I think people have become so deceived into following this "let's be nice to everyone", "let's pump everyone up and tell them how good they are", "grant them grace" until the point that they no longer understand how to address the false ideas floating around these days. 

We have become a society of enablers.

I think everyone can agree that a situation where people are not being harassed, or torn down is a place where people can hear their conscience, God. But there is a definite reason why people have mouths as well, to use them to help one another.

Are people simply afraid to stand up for truth and righteousness anymore? 
No wonder we have a confused society.
It appears society no longer even understands what is right, wrong, false or true.

Yes, we can affirm that goodness is ours to claim, but we do so by choosing to live and acknowledge that God is the one who placed goodness inside of us. Don't forget that last most important part. God is the power of goodness inside of each of us, yet it is a choice to be made. And yes, we should most definitely stand as called beside others while they are learning truth, because we all are on a learning curve. That's one thing, but to stand by and allow people to live in deception is cruel to that person and to society. To tell someone that they are good (knowing that most people will believe you to be talking about their behavior) when in fact they are in need of some truth, is hurtful, dangerous and I believe we judge ourselves each time we do this to another person. Society is now showing evidence of that "good" work. I believe it is an affront unto God himself. It allows for confusion to continue on the inside of that person who is not living in truth, and in turn they pour out confusion on the world. 
Goodness comes from somewhere. its author is God.
Now how we address this in an one on one situation is different where we know the condition of that persons relationship with God, and are praying, standing, waiting for revelation which convicts and converts. We know the author and finisher of our faith and wait on his timing.

I am referring to these blasts from pulpits, social media, people wanting to sell books and make money off telling you how good you are without addressing the real issue. Truth is, that is only half the story. Yes, God is big and is the one who changes us, but if these same people having issues continue to hear blasts of "I am okay just as I am" without hearing the why they are okay, then someone is going to pay the piper for the damage that causes. These hurting people who believe they are okay, then have to overcome the blasts of half truths in order to hear they need God. We all need God. But buddy everyone wants to hear they are okay and will lay their hard earned cash out there! I would not want to be the recipient of that karma.

Reality is it takes time and a relationship with God for lasting change that has the power to redeem an entire life and make one whole. Just tell the entire story. People are good because God created them with worth, value, and he lives and is in all things especially the inside of each of those who choose to accept Him in their own lives.

People who continue to live a life of lies most likely have wandered so far from truth they can no longer see the differentiation between the two. How horrid to leave them in that place. What a hell we leave them to if we fail to offer God as the answer. 

I choose to offer my help by saying when something is not true, and pointing that person in the right direction. Then, if they turn on me, I am still good. I will have done what is called of me. I will have planted a seed of truth. I will not live in deception, lies, half truths, flattering, only pumping people up where they have no knowledge of who they are and where they fall short, that is nice, but it is not kindness. To leave a person in that place is not a good thing.

There is no blanket best answer that calls for just throwing either idea out there as what is right, just, as if either alone is the answer to all of societies woes.

We know we cannot save or change other people. We can only offer aid to them as we see the harm which lays out in front of them, point them to the light, pray, stand with them as we are called and hope they choose God over darkness.

Goodness is good when it is pointing to the author of goodness . . . God.

We should not assume everyone understands this.
It is not a matter of forcing anyone else to a belief, but offering them hope by stating the fact that we find our salvation and goodness in God.

I may not have it all right. 
However, I do understand the difference between a lie or the truth, being nice or offering kindness, being or doing good or God.

Anyone else love the Truth, the Word of God?

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Once Upon a Time, the fairytale. Elusive, or is it?

I love the new series on television Sundays at 7 pm Central in Nashville on ABC, Once Upon a Time.

It did not take me long to realize the story was a familiar one. People trapped in a world where most are unaware that they do not belong there, something is amiss. They do not realize that there is another world for which they were meant to be a part, the place of "fairytales" where life had been created and designed with them in mind, a world for which their hearts longed, where relationships flourished and love would win out.
Once Upon a Time's story is one of deception
revealing that even in the fairytale evil lerked
in Storybrooke it had gone unnoticed that good and evil had all but switched places  
 however evil only reigns for a day
 and what evil had intended to kill will return to set things right
 there would once again be hope for the fairytale
With this ever familiar theme there is another thought we might find helpful to remember.
In our world today there are still fairytales just as in the story books. If you will notice more closely the tales are not so different from our own stories of real life. You have the characters both good and evil, the dream, the flaw, the conflict and battle, then good wins out as they attain for the moment the "fairytale." For some reason we have failed to perceive that it is only in words which we are ever told, "and they lived happily after after..." We never get to see that part! Happily ever after remains a promise.

Maybe one of the things we could learn from "Once Upon a Time" is to grab and live the moments of the "fairytale." I think we hold out for and demand the "happily ever after" at the cost of missing the "fairytale" moments which we have been given here and now. The many moments with family and friends we love dearly, a child's hug and soft kisses, their smiles and giggles. What about the breathtaking views of the magnificent world about us at days break and evenings sunset? Then there is the kiss and embrace of your lover as he holds you safe in his arms. Or, hearing the words for the first time, really hearing in your heart that another "loves you". All stuff of which fairytales are made!

Don't miss the fairytale moments by looking so far out in front of you for the happily ever after.
The fairytale may not be as elusive as you think.

Do you find yourself waiting for the happily ever after rather than enjoying the amazing moments of your life each day?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mother, Child and The Giving Tree

There can be no denying life was designed so we all experience some similar transitions. And most times transitions are not so easy on us. That's why they are called transitions, they take time, usually stages in order to get through them. Some transitions call for periods of short adjustment, other times it might take longer periods of time to recover your pace and sense of normalcy. Then there are those things that just hang in there, albeit they might be normally occurring events in life, I am finding they seem to cause periods that can come and go. The kinds of things you know, where they re-visit you about the time you think you have a handle on them. That's just what happened to me again last evening.

It was late into the night and I awoke. As sometimes occurs in those moments, my thoughts turned to memories of when my children were all home under one roof. The times I knew they were all safely tucked in their beds, life was simple, quiet and rich. My children filled my life with many hours of laughter, love and tender moments back then, which are now life-giving for me to recall. This is not at all to say that I don't enjoy and treasure the wonderful times I have with my adult children, but we all realize the times when our children were small were just seemingly...magical.

Anyway, I lay there tears flowing both from sense of accomplishment and sadness. I found myself experiencing one of those moments that can sneak up on you leaving you with a longing for those days that we know will only return as memories.

I was missing my small children who once needed their mother, wishing to be with her and spend time with her as much as to have a new toy. I eased back into my pillow and purposed myself to focus, to be consoled with the assurance that my children's lives, their good hearts, kind spirits and successes related to me that they had learned well. That I was a good mother and I had given my heart's worth and with great reward. I had passed treasure into sturdy constructed vessels, who would live life well as grateful and good stewards of all that had been given them, honoring all I had spent while purchasing some part of that. 

It is a curiosity to me to say the least, of how life has been designed. That this matter which brings you greatest joy, being a mother, seeing your children launched into wonderful lives, often offers such deep sadness in the letting go. It is as if life demands you must offer your heart fully open and aware, choosing to welcome the deep valleys of sadness in order to be blessed with the opportunity to experience the ecstasy of the mountain peaks.

Last night a little book came to mind which many of you might have on your own shelves at home, "The Giving Tree", by Shel Silverstein. I purchased the book many years ago for my then two small boys. Each of my children had their favorite books that I would read to them. However, my eldest son almost always wished for me to read to him from this particular book, and I would do so often. 

My heart was always warmed by the love expressed in the tale, by the closeness expressed in the relationship. The story is that of a small boy who longed to play beneath the shelter and protection of the tree he loved, the tree that loved the boy in return sacrificially giving everything. 

As beautiful a tale as it was I was always saddened a little as I read. For I knew one day soon my own children would be growing up. Leaving far behind us the days of playing and sharing close moments, our moments. I knew life would change, relationships would evolve and they would travel onward without me.  As written in the book, "And so the boy cut down her trunk and made a boat and sailed away."

The relationship of mother and child, the life that is lived out between them, the sharing...all treasures. If you peered closely enough it could seem to be only one life at times. It is all an awesome thing to behold and to have entrusted unto one. The experience possesses a life of its own. For you are both a part of, and yet outside of this breathing instant which wisps so very quickly past. 

As glorious of an experience which it all is, at times it is the most heart wrenching of all relationships. "And the tree was happy...but not really," as Shel Silverstein understood and wrote in his book.

As a mother we realize, although not intentional, the purpose of the mother/child relationship is; we are teaching our children whom we love more than life how to grow up and be successful at leaving us.

However, the book gives moms and children alike reprieve as it goes on to say at its end:

...”the boy returns very old, the tree is but an old stump.” The tree says, "I have nothing left to give you”...recalling the apples, branches, limbs and trunk are all gone (never insinuating regret). The tree still wished it had something to offer the boy and was sorry for its lack. The boy then says, "I don't need very much now...just a quiet place to sit and rest. I am very tired." At that point the tree straightened herself up as much as she could and said, "well an old stump is good for sitting and resting." She offered all she had left...and the boy, now an old man, finding himself having lived life and returning full circle, accepts the comfort he recalled from long past...he sat, resting on the happy tree.

Well, I like to share my own experience hoping that it helps others to realize we really are similar in many ways. To remind others that we are not alone. We are all in this together. That we connect by an "act" of relating...thus the process is called "forging relationships."

It takes courage to be connected. It takes not allowing yourself to be offended or discouraged by failed attempts to connect.

Just get back up and try once again. 
I'm a champ at trying again, and I still have not mastered it as of yet.

Today, I just liked sharing this story about connecting with a book, its author, myself and my children, and hopefully with you :D

Hope you enjoyed this our story as well.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Post

Just woke up this morning and said to myself, "This is the day."

I have sat back and listened day after day to the rhetoric of all those who have placed themselves in position of deciding what every other free person is to swallow as the truth for as long as I could stand it without answering back.

Well...by God...Blog.

I asked myself, "What if I end up only talking to myself?" My reply, "I'll just consider that I have the most intelligent audience of any blog out there." Conceited you might think? I do not take myself that seriously:)

As the days go by and we tackle topics, encourage one another and maybe laugh a little while passing the time together. I hope you follow along and chime in with your thoughts and comments allowing us to get to know one another better.

Until then...

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